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General Questions

Packetshare is a software that generates income over the long term, meaning earning money requires time commitment. While the profit process may seem slow initially, there are various ways to boost and stabilize your income.
1. Extend your running time.
2. Log in to your account on multiple devices with different IP connections.
3. Utilize our referral program and earn 10% from your referred users' income.
4. Participate in contests held on Telegram and social media to win generous prizes.
People can now reach their unused data plans full potential and not leave any unused data behind! It’s a really passive income - effortlessly!In short - you essentially employ your internet connection to make money for you.Just open it when you are online and let it work in the background of your computer.
No, you don’t have to worry at all.
The legal age of maturity depends on the country you live in, so we advise you to make sure what it is. If you are underaged, you might need to get your parent’s or guardian’s permission to use Packetshare. Note: You don't need to send your parent's or guardian's permission to Packetshare.
A payout is the reward you receive for sharing your bandwidth with Packetshare. The minimum amount at which you can request and receive a payout is $20. There is no upper limit towards the sum requested, meaning that you can collect as much money as you wish (upwards from $20) before requesting a payout.
Based on how many devices you have, we generally make about US$2,000 a month for a computer user
Currently Packetshare only supports PayPal payment, other payment methods are under development, so stay tuned!
Packetshare will pay you $0.20 for every 1GB of shared internet.
The main factors affecting your earnings are supply and demand,determined by the active number of Packetshare users sharing the internet simultaneously and the traffic demand in the users' respective countries.
The answer is no. Most servers used by VPN providers offer Data Center Type(DCH) IP addresses. When you use a VPN your Packetshare won't function properly.

Referral Questions

By using referral code, invite your family and friends to join Packetshare and earn money together! Each time they complete their account registration, your number of referrals will increase. Additionally, once your referrals start actively sharing internet bandwidth (excluding the registration bonus), you will automatically receive 10% of their earnings, which will be added to your account. Please note that this won't deduct any money from their earnings but rather provides you with an extra reward.
In the personal center's referral page, you can find the referral link provided by Packetshare. Use it to invite others to join Packetshare and motivate them to share internet data with you.
It can increase your passive income. You only need to invite friends to join Packetshare through your referral link, and 10% of their earnings will automatically be added to your balance.
This situation may occur if your referrals haven't actually started sharing their idle bandwidth. To check if this is the case, you can go to your referral page and review the referral rewards brought to you by users.
For first-time registrants, no referral code is needed; register directly to get $5.If you want to invite others, copy your code within the app(Android) or find it in the user dashboard(Windows).

Account Questions

In order to add a device to your account,you would simply need to download and install the Packetshare application to the device that you wish to use and log in to your account there.
You can download our application from our Download page herehere.
Please contact services@packetshare.io to request a change to your account email.The successful change of email is subject to availability and is not pre-registered.
If you forget your Packetshare account password, you can always use the password reset feature.
Simply enter the email address you used when registering your account with us,and an email with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to your email.
There is no limit to the number of Android and Windows devices you can connect to your Packetshare account, allowing you to maximize earnings.However, each device must have a different connected IP address.
Please log in to the Packetshare official website and check all your data through the user dashboard.
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